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YKDR-pineapple, strawberry and mango

DRAGON SPEW-melons, pineapple and dragon fruit burst out of this flavor

CHEESECAKE MASSACRE -strawberry cheesecake deliciousness

AGENT ORANGE -a blend of forest fruits with a pineapple spin

MOTHERS MILK-strawberry cheesecake with whipped cream and a side of custard

OH SNAP-super sweet mix of forest fruits

PEACH BERRY CREAM -peach and strawberries topped with whipped cream

YOSHI-extreme blend of melons and berries

STRAWBERRY BANANA-strawberries and bananas

CALIFORNICICATION -a super blend of fresh fruits from California

VM4-vanilla butternut custard

HAWKS NECTOR -nectarine, peach and berries with a slight cooling exhale

BANANA NUT BREAD -like mama used to make

MELON BALL-all the melons we could gather, mixed together

V-GODDESS-sour strawberry and watermelon candy

SNOKE-berry, guava, melon and peach

STRAWBERRY KIWI-it's that simple

XOXO-peach, berry, melon and nectarine

PURPLE GUMMY -blue and red raspberry sour gummy

PINK BURST -strawberry watermelon starburst

CREAM LOOPS-creamy fruit loops cereal

DRAGON BREATH-melon, mango, dragon fruit and berries on ice

BLUE JOLLY-blue razz jolly rancher candy

MELON BURST-raspberry mixed with tons of melons and a cool exhale

CLOUD GODDESS -a blend of watermelon, peach, blueberry and strawberry

BADA$$ -dragon fruit, raspberry, strawberry kiwi and watermelon

CINNA TOAST CRUNCH -sweet cinnamon toast crunch cereal

KITTENS BLOOD-watermelon gum with a peach berry mango mix

MARIO SAUCE -watermelon, dragon fruit, raspberry candy mix

TWINKIE DREAMS-just like popping open a fresh twinkie

WATERMELON GUM GUM-soft watermelon gum

PARADISE LOST -peach, mango, dragon fruit, pineapple, papaya, berries and melons

GOODFELLAS-apple crumb cake

BLAK MOMBA -strawberry, mango, dark berries and watermelon

ALASKIAN BEETLE -frost bite blend of strawberry, mango, raspberry and pineapple

RAZZLE DAZZLE -sour raspberry and strawberry

PEACH BERRY MELON - peach, strawberry and melon

TARANTINO-mango, peach and berries

BLOOD GUAVA -a mixture of fruit punch with some fresh guava

BUELLER-cinnamon roll topped with custard

LECHE DE MADRE-vanilla cake infused with milk and topped with fresh strawberries

BLAK DRAGON-dragon fruit, lots of berries and all the melons you can think of


BAJA BLAST OFF -a tropical slushy

BAHAMA MAMA -coconut and pineapple tropical drink


BLACK CHEERY KOOLADE -with extra sugar

BLOOD PUNCH -fruit punch

CANDY BAR COFFEE -like a snickers latte

CARIBOU LOU -malibou rum, pineapple juice and coconut

CARMEL MILANO -caramel and hazelnut latte

CARAMEL CAPP -caramel cappuccino

CHERRY LIMEADE -favorite summertime drink

COFFEE -smooth and nutty with a dash of cream

ECTO PLASM -old fashioned orange juice box

FIZZY CHERRY COLA- you feel the fizziness in this cherry cola

GREEN APPLE MONSTER - green apple energy drink

HORCHATA-horchata with extra cinnamon

MELON BERRY DEW -strawberry melon citrus

MOCHA LATTE-mocha coffee

MOUNT AND DEW-citrus flavor

NITROUS BERRY-strawberry watermelon energy drink

PINK LEMONADE -raspberry and strawberry lemonade

REGGAE -orange, pineapple and Jamaican rum

STRAWBERRY LEMONADE-refreshing summertime drink

STRAWBERRY MILK-no need to mix

WALKER JUICE-cherry fruit juice blend

ZOMBIE BLOOD-dragon fruit and fruit punch blend


ANGELS BLOOD -strawberry and melons

ATOMIC MELONS -a mix of strawberry, banana, orange and melons

BERRY BOMB-an infusion of strawberry, raspberry and blueberry

BEETLE JOOSE -a twisted mix of strawberry, pineapple, mango and raspberry

BLAK -dark berries mixed with watermelon

BLOOD LINE -melon, peach, strawberry and guava mixed into a traditional fruit punch

BLUE RASP BROS -blueberry grape bubblegum

BLUE SASSBERRY -blue and red raspberry

BRAZZERS -extra raspberries anyone

CALI GODDESS - California fruits blended with a strawberry watermelon hard candy

CALI JUICE -watermelon and all californias best fruits

CHANCY -strawberry, guava, mango and watermelon with a few other fruits to top it off

CLOUD BEETLE-peaches, berries, pineapple and mango all mixed together and with a candy finish

CLOUD 9 -peach berry goodness

CRIMES OF PASSION -tropical passion fruit, guava and papaya

DRAGMATAZZ-dragon fruit and raspberry

DRAGON BEETLE-strawberry, dragon fruit, mango and pineapple

DRAGON GLASS- dragon spew/dragon beetle

DRAGON PARADISE -tropical mixture of tons of fruits

FLAMINGO-strawberry, peach and coconut

GREEN APPLE-tart and sour green apple

GREMLIN- mango, raspberry and lemon

GUAVABERRY-guava and strawberry

H- blueberry, strawberry, raspberry and guava

HONEY DEW BERRY-melon, honey dew and strawberries

MANGO MANGO-mango mixed with a bit of lychee

MANGO MANGO MIXUP - mango, lychee, strawberry and peach

MELON MAZE-honey dew, melon, dragon fruit and mango

MICHAEL-melon, pomegranate and papaya

MY SHARONA -peach, strawberry, mango, papaya and guava

NEW BREW-super fruit blend

NUCLEAR DRAGON-strawberry, banana, dragon fruit and orange

PARADISE -peach, mango, papaya and melon

PINEAPPLE PARADISE -pineapple, mango, papaya, peach and melon

PURPLE HAZE -grape mandarine mix

RAZZY MELON -raspberry watermelon

REMIEL-peach, melon, papaya and goji berry

SEVEN KINGDOMS-seven majestic fruits

SPACE JAM-blueberry, vanilla and pomegranate

SPEW-mix of melons

TWO CHAINS-strawberry, peach, mango and more

URIEL-pineapple, orange, guava

WATERMELON-what else do ya need

XXX-mango, kiwi and peach


ALASKIAN BULLWORM -frozen grape gummies

ALASKIAN DRAGON -dragon fruit and melon with an icy exhale

ALASKIAN NIGHTS -a blast super menthol

ALASKIAN YOSHI-watermelon candies blended with frozen berries

BAZINGA-super mint

BEETLE FROST - a sweet minty blend of strawberry, raspberry, pineapple and mango

CUCUMBER MINT-refreshing cucumber mint

GABRIEL-peach, nectarine, honeydew and cucumber mint

GLACIER BANANA-frozen bananas

GUMBI-raspberry, pineapple, strawberry, mango gummy candy with minty finish

HAWKSAUCE-cooling berries

MANHATTAN PROJECT -peach pear menthol flavor

PEPPERMINT - sweet peppermint

PURPLE RAIN -watermelon grape bubblegum with a minty finish

SANTAS QUEST -milk chocolate and peppermint

SPEARMINT-cool gum flavor

SPIRIT MONSTER-spearmint green apple

SUB ZERO-mixture of sweet fruits with a peppermint aftertaste

WATERMELON RUSH-cool exhale watermelon flavor


APPLE RINGS -sweet and sour apple ring candies

BANANA RUNTS -sweet banana candy

BLUE COTTON KANDI -soft exhale with a sweet aftertaste

BLUE TARTY -blueberry sweet and tart candy flavor

BUBBLE GUM -classic bubble gum flavor

CALI GUM -peach bubble gum soft and sweet

COTTON KANDI-a little circus cotton candy anyone

DARKO-grape gummy

DACING BEARS-pineapple gummies

DRAGON KANDI-orange, strawberry, banana and raspberry candy

GREEN GOBLIN-green apple gummy topped with raspberries

HOUSE STARK-blue pom candy

NUCLEAR KANDI-strawberry, banana and orange with a candy finish

NUKE-strawberry, banana and orange runts candy

PEACH DREAM -peach and blueberry cotton candy

PEACH RINGS -sour peach gummies

ROTTEN KANDI -strawberry watermelon cotton candy

SCAR TISSUE -apple candies mixed with a super tropical fruit blend

SKITTLEZ-fruity mix

SMARTZ -candy mix

SOUR SKITTLEZ-sour candies

SOUR WATERMELON-sour watermelon candy

STRAWBERRY TARTY-strawberry sour candy

SWEDISH FISHIES- fruity swedish fish gummies

WATERMELON KANDI-watermelon candy


BANANA CREAM -like it says, simple and sweet

BERRY CHEESECAKE -blueberry cheesecake

BERRY CRUNCH -berry crunch cereal

BLACKBERRY DRAGON -creamy blackberry desert

BOMBIES CREAM -strawberry banana cream

BUTTERNUTS -vanilla butternuts

CHRISTMAS MORNING -butterscotch caramel custard

CHOC CHIP COOKIE DOUGH -simple and sweet

COCONUT CREAM -a whole coconut cream pie with a side of ice cream

CONVICTED DRAGON-smooth exhale of banana cream with a dash of vanilla

COUGARS MILK-blended strawberries and cream cupcake

CREAMY KIWI-kiwis and cream

DRAGONS MILK -a creamy exhale of strawberries with a dash of vanilla

DRAGON TEARS-a creamy exhale of peaches with a dash of vanilla

ENGLISH TOFFEE-crunchy and nutty English toffee

KEY LIME PIE-all in the name

LEMON MERINGUE-tart lemon meringue pie

LOOPY FRUIT-loopy fruity cereal

MOON DOOR-cinna coffee cake

NILLA WONDER- vanilla custard with white chocolate, caramel and cream

NORMA JEAN-birthday cake

NUTTY OATMEAL COOKIE-peanut butter oatmeal cookie

ORANGE DREAM BAR -orange cream ice cream bar

RAINBOW SHERBERT -orange, lemon and raspberry sherbert all mixed up

RED WONDER -strawberry custard with white chocolate and caramel

SCREAMING MIMI-strawberry shake

STRAWBERRY CLOUDS-strawberry marshmallow pie

STRAWBERRY CREAM-creamy strawberries

SUCKER PUNCH-dragon fruit and vanilla with a dollop of bavarian cream

TIGERS DREAM-custard, caramel, banana and cream

VANILLA CUSTARD-sweet and creamy

WATCHER-nutty strawberry cheesecake


BUTTERSCOTCH BACCO -butterscotch tobacco

COOL BACCO -a smooth cooling tobacco flavor

COWBOY-basic tabacco flavor

CUBAN CIGAR- need i say more

MASTER BLEND -caramel vanilla tobacco flavor that's too smooth to call a tobacco

RED COWBOY -strong tobacco flavor

RUM BACCO-tobacco mixed with rum

SUPREME-sweet tobacco

USA TOBACCO-simple tobacco

VANILLA WOODY-vanilla, caramel and cinnamon tobacco

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